2011-12 WVMS Bengals Calendar

Bengal University Event Calendar

Last Updated  - 10/25/2011

September – Goal Setting


            September  19

            September 30   BU nominations for Leadership in the Classroom. Email one or two names to Dina with BU September in the Subject line!


October – Choices (Goes with Red Ribbon Week) Drug and Tobacco Contest


            October  3      BU Monday Finish Charts- Hand out BU Rubric and score sheet. Discuss Rubric

            October 7        BOM Pizza Lunch 11:00 AM

            October  17     BU Assembly introduce Choices.

            October  24     BU Choices



November – Citizenship

            November 4    BU Choices  BU Nominations due for honesty and Choices. Email to Dina with BU October in subject  line.

            November 14 BU Assembly – Choices awards and introduce Citizenship.

            November 18  BOM Pizza Lunch 11:00 AM- For October

            November 28  BU Citizenship

            November 30  BU Nominations due for Citizenship. Email to Dina with BU November in subject line.


December and January – Responsibility and Respect


                        December 2    BOM Pizza Lunch 11:00 AM for November

            December 5   BU Assembly – Citizenship awards and introduce Responsibility.

            December 19    BU Responsibility

            January 30      BU Respect BU Nominations due for Responsibility. Email to Dina with BU January in subject line.


February – Trustworthiness and Honesty


            February 4       BOM Pizza Lunch 11:00 AM for January

            February 27     BU Assembly – Responsibility and Respect  awards and introduce Trustworthiness and Honesty

            March 12        BU Trustworthiness

            March 26        BU Honesty BU Nominations due for Trustworthiness. Email to Dina with BU March in subject line.


April and May – Caring and Overview


            April 16           BU Assembly – Trustworthiness and Honesty Awards – Introduce Caring

            April 20           BOM Pizza Lunch 11:00 AM

            April 23           BU Caring

            April 30           CST Kickoff Assembly

            May 14            BU Caring

            May 21            BU Wrap up BU Nominations due for Caring. Email to Dina with BU May in subject line.

                May 25            BOM Pizza Lunch 11:00 AM final for May

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